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Medical eHealth Australia (MeHA), also known as Global Sustainable Development Vision Innovative Association (GSDVIA), is a non-profit organization; SDG Advocate focuses on Healthcare and well-being; we are committed to Health Promotion of Charities through  Sustainable Healthcare Action, our perspectives on healthcare digital transformation and sustainability.

We are building resilient communities together and Driving Sustainable Growth.

All About Us

Global Sustainable Development Vision Association Limited (GSDVIA) was founded in Brisbane, Australia, by Dr. Michelle Lee and Associates. In June 2018, GSDVIA formally chartered as a Non-Profit Organisation at the Queensland Parliament. GSDVIA's executive board reengineered the organization's sustainability in February 2020, Developed new directions, and registered a new trading name - Medical eHealth Australia (MeHA) that is focused on engaging healthcare stakeholders and coordinating with hospitals, research institutions, and the healthcare industry to promote virtual reality in healthcare through hybrid events and webinars. As a stakeholder in the Healthcare and wellbeing industry, you are welcome to engage with our MeHA Medical Profession Hub.

We are committed to promoting infectious disease prevention and control in human beings. The GSDVIA's new direction and objectives focus on improving healthcare for post-pandemic recovery. Our charitable health promotion organization's mission of sustainable healthcare action is committed to assisting those in need. It encourages collaboration between healthcare providers within culturally diverse communities to promote a healthier society and cultivate resilient, symbiotic coordination cultures to foster multicultural harmony.

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GSDVIA's Vision is to empower sustainable community healthcare and wellbeing; to Promote the healthcare prevention and control of infectious diseases in human beings with a commitment of Health Promotion Charity through Sustainable healthcare Action and health promotion.

GSDVIA and organisational Goals aim to promote the "HAPPY" healthcare principle:

  • Healthcare prevention and control infection diseases

  • Advanced healthcare technology to support disabilities rehabilitation

  • Promotion of healthcare sustainability in all stakeholders

  • Prevention is a fundamental principle to improve public health

  • Youth generation engaged with sustainable healthcare transformation



GSDVIA’s Philanthropic Mission is to empower Sustainable Healthcare and Wellbeing;

  • Building a holistic healthcare digital platform to coordinate healthcare stakeholders and assist those impacted by pandemics;

  • Engaging multicultural communities to promote healthcare prevention and control of infectious diseases in human beings

  • Symbiosis coordination with healthcare stakeholders to promote the prevention of diseases

  • Technological Integration mobile healthcare for sustainable SMART community development and social wellbeing


GSDAVIS’s Objectives are to carry out its charitable purpose and resilient symbiosis coordination approaches with a new direction of healthcare; to build a holistic Healthcare digital hub, coordinate with hospitals, and research institutions for human disease control and prevention.


We are collaborating with the government, hospitals, and research institutions and healthcare promotion for post-pandemic needs. Furthermore, we provide educational workshops programs with governments, key stakeholders, and health professionals to promote the prevention of infectious diseases in human beings. The Healthcare Programs feature the following “HEALTH” approaches:

  1. Holistic System: developing healthcare digital platform to support those people impacted by the pandemic; to promote the prevention and control of infectious diseases, as well as provision of support services supporting rehabilitation, wellbeing, and sustainability;

  2. Emerging Stakeholders: to coordinate with the government, hospitals, research institutions, and healthcare providers to promote the prevention and control of diseases in humans, and public awareness; to advocate and promote sustainable healthcare community development and social responsibility; to unify and build multicultural community resilience, advancing healthcare and wellbeing services for community cohesion;

  3. Advanced Healthcare: advanced integrated Healthcare Hub includes mobile Healthcare (mHealthcare) facilitate with electronic Doctor support (eDoctors), a digital platform for sustainable community healthcare development, and continue advocacy of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for Good Health and Wellbeing;

  4. Lifespan Scholarship: to encourage people lifelong learning for the new healthcare system, to support sustainable clinical research pathways, multidisciplinary clinician programs, and high impact research projects;

  5. Transformation of Healthcare: to assist the government digital healthcare transition time, to support the Advanced healthcare technologies evolution and drive the SMART healthcare sustainable growth

  6. Harmonic Sociality: to advocate and promote sustainable healthcare community development and social responsibility; to unify and build multicultural community resilient, advancing healthcare and wellbeing service for community cohesion.

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Our Team

To achieve the above outcomes with MeHA executive team's creative concept of Symbiosis, Emerging, Equitable, and Sustainability (SEES) the Healthcare Symbiosis Coordination Mechanism of integrated healthcare stakeholders and hosting of the four SEES Healthcare Column and Seminars connect with multicultural communities to promote the healthcare prevention and control of infectious diseases in human beings.

MeHA's executive team collaborates with the Australian Government, Queensland Government, Brisbane City Council, and multicultural communities to organize the Biennial Hybrid Event "Love's Creative Carnival," which integrates charities, health professions, and webinars for sustainable healthcare and well-being, multicultural harmony; 

We invite all stakeholders within the Healthcare and Well-being sector to engage with our MeHA Medical Profession Hub.

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Dr. Michelle Lee DBA, FGIA
JP (Qual)

Founder/President of MeHA t/a GSDVIA

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